Excavation is the main technique of discovery used by _________.

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Excavation - The Main Technique of Discovery

During excavation, the earth is removed layer by layer, and archaeologists sift through the soil to retrieve smaller artifacts. These are often labeled with the site's code and the context number.

When an archaeological site is discovered, archaeologists search through historical records and environmental data for clues. They may also use metal detectors to search for metal objects beneath the surface.

Archaeologists then take photographs of each phase of work. These photographs may be printed and stored or they may be overlaid on the site. They are also used to create a three-dimensional model of the excavated objects.

Archaeologists may also use a Harris matrix for combining the contexts into larger units of understanding. This matrix is especially useful for stratigraphic excavations.

Archaeologists use stratigraphic excavation to record the time-line of events on a site. The layer cake of events is known as the archaeological sequence or record.

The Law of Superposition states that sediment further down will contain older artifacts than layers above. Archaeologists use this information to date a site. In addition to dating an archaeological site, excavation is used to understand the significance of artifacts and to determine the date of occupation.

Excavation is an important part of the study of ancient cultures and prehistoric people. Archaeologists systematically uncover evidence of past societies.

During excavation, archaeologists use a variety of specialized crafts to remove the earth and collect the archaeological remains. They often use heavy-duty earth-moving machinery and small backhoes.

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