As of the date of ratification the u.s. constitution established

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The United States Constitution

During the early years of the United States, the federal government under the United States Constitution established itself. The United States Constitution is a document whose ratification by states created a federal system for the United States. Until its ratification by states, the Constitution was not law of the land.

The United States Constitution was established on March 4, 1789. Several states had already ratified the document, but the larger states, such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York, were not yet ready to join the new union.

The larger states were concerned that the new federal government would impose too much power upon them. They also did not want to pay taxes to support the new government. The smaller states, however, were strongly in support of the Constitution.

The Constitution outlined a national government with strong military and navy powers. It would also have the power to tax its citizens. It was also expected that the federal government would be able to collect money to finance internal improvements. This was a major sticking point during ratification.

The Federalists were a group of prominent men who supported the Constitution. They were businessmen and former military commanders. Some of the more prominent Federalists were James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. Their argument was that the federal government would be better equipped to defend the country than state militias.

The Constitution also outlined a due process clause. This was partly based on the common law. The framers believed that the young nation needed to impose taxes to pay for the necessary military and navy to protect the country. The framers also believed that the new nation needed to be forced to comply with laws passed by Congress.

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